blindworm n. = SLOW-WORM.

blindworm n. = SLOW-WORM.
blink v. & n.
1 intr. shut and open the eyes quickly and usu. involuntarily.
2 intr. (often foll. by at) look with eyes opening and shutting.
3 tr. a (often foll. by back) prevent (tears) by blinking. b (often foll. by away, from) clear (dust etc.) from the eyes by blinking.
4 tr. & (foll. by at) intr. shirk consideration of; ignore; condone.
5 intr. a shine with an unsteady or intermittent light. b cast a momentary gleam.
6 tr. blink with (eyes).
1 an act of blinking.
2 a momentary gleam or glimpse.
Phrases and idioms:
on the blink sl. out of order, esp. intermittently.
Etymology: partly var. of blenk = BLENCH, partly f. MDu. blinken shine

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